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группа Jim And Jesse, Аккорды песни When I Stop Dreaming

Группа: Jim And Jesse - другие аккорды (1)
Аккорды песни: When I Stop Dreaming
Просмотров: 1289

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"When I stop dreaming"
as recorded by Jim & Jesse
transcribed by Brad Kale

     (C)       (F)          (C)             (G)   (C)
When I stop dreaming, that when I'll stop loving you...

     (C)             (F)       (C)
The worst that I've ever been hurt in my life
     (G)                              (D)
the first time I ever have wanted to die.
         (C)            (C7)        (F)
Was the night when you told me you love someone else
     (C)               (G)
and asked if I could forget.

     (C)       (F)           (C)             (G)    (C)
When I stop dreaming, thats when I'll stop wanting you.

I'd be like a flower, unwanted in spring
alone and neglected, transplanted in vain
to a garden of sadness, where its pedals would fall
in the shadows of undying pain.

When I stop dreaming, thats when I'll stop thinking of you

You may teach the flowers to bloom in the spring
you may take a pedal and teach it to grow
you may teach all the raindrops to return to the clouds
but you can't teach my heart to forget.


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