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группа Jefferson Airplane, Аккорды песни Playin A Game

Группа: Jefferson Airplane - другие аккорды (14)
Аккорды песни: Playin A Game
Просмотров: 1642

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From rogers@hicomb.hi.com  Wed May  5 17:35:01 1993

Minor quibble... they had been Jefferson Starship for years at that point.

I haven't heard the song in many a moon, but here's what I remember:

intro:	Em  G   D   A

	Em         G            D        A      Em   G    D   A
	Jane, you say it's all over for you and me, girl
	There's a time for love and a time for lettin' it be, baby

	Em             D        G    D
	Jane, you're playin' a game
        Em               D           G        D
	Called hide-and-seek by its real name
	Em       D/F#            G        G#dim      A   A#dim  B
	Makin' believe that you just don't feel the same

	(another verse but I don't remember it)


	C#m             F#m             C#m       F#m
	Were all those nights we spent together
	C#m    F#m                    C#m       F#m
	Only because you didn't know better
	F#m                    G#m
	Jane, you're playin' a game
	           A              A#dim		Bsus  B  Bsus  B
	Playin' a game, playin' a game


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