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группа Jawbreaker, Табулатура песни In Sadding Around

Группа: Jawbreaker - другие аккорды (7)
Табулатура песни: In Sadding Around
Просмотров: 2322

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From: zink@ux5.cso.uiuc.edu (Dan Zink)
Subject: TAB: Jawbreaker - In Sadding Around

Jawbreaker - In Sadding Around

Almost all chords are power chords, and some are palm muted.

G#       A                 F#
Sleeping off the last five years
E             D
takes another five.
G#     A            F#    E          D
Recovery in lieu of being here right now.
G#             A            F#
When I throw myself at your feet,
E                   D
You know it's to be walked on.
G#             A F# E          D
We're breaking up every single night.

F#         E                          D
If I had a choice don't you think I'd make it?
F#        E      D
I lost my voice. Hope I didn't break it.
B      F#           D   B       F#
Little demons by my bed whisper secrets.
The kind you never heard.

F#       E                      D
I dip my toe in this cold, cold life.
F#        E        D
I want to dive but I can't find your feet.
A          B    D
You with a view so unlike my own.
A   E              G     D
I'm trying on your eyes.
A        B   D
So I let go, fall to the ground.
A      E        G     D
It's a long way down again.

The other verses and choruses are the same.

Have fun,

-Dan (zink@ux5.cso.uiuc.edu)


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