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группа Jars Of Clay, Аккорды песни Crazy Times

Группа: Jars Of Clay - другие аккорды (19)
Аккорды песни: Crazy Times
Просмотров: 2022

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From:   Darryl Kechnie [isaiahrain@hotmail.com]
Sent:   Thursday, December 11, 1997 6:53 PM

Title:  "Crazy Times"
Artist: Jars of Clay
From the Album: "Much Afraid" (1997)

As Transcribed by: Jamie Ball, and Darryl Kechnie
Submitted by: Darryl Kechnie

*Note to Archivist: A chord was wrong in the chorus and solo/bridge. It
was an E minor not an E major chord. Please replace the existing file
with this one. Thank you.

Jars plays this song a couple of different ways. This is the album
version, not a live or the dove awards version.
I've got almost all the Jars' songs in case you want to know how to
play them exactly the way they do. Feel free to email me about this
transcription or any other song by them. (isaiahrain@hotmail.com or

 Capo 2nd:
 The Chords:
 Cmaj7                   E                Dsus/F#
 (x32003)               (022100)         (2x0230)
 Am*                     C
 (x05500)               (x32010)
 Bsus                    B7sus
 (x24400)               (x24200)
 G                       Em
 (3x0033)               (022000)
 D/F#                    Em/G
 (2x0232)               (322000)

                    Crazy Times

 Intro: Cmaj7 - Am* - Cmaj7 - Am* - Bsus

 Verse 1:         Cmaj7   Am*        Cmaj7
                    You're cold that way
                        Am*            Cmaj7
                    And that's why you say
                        Am*             Bsus
                    The things that you say
                   Cmaj Am*   Cmaj7
                    You can't attract
                        Am*             Cmaj7
                    The things that you lack
                           Am*       G    D/F#
                    You're trying in vain

                   E   C          G         D/F#   Em
                    It seems it's always the crazy times
                        C    G                  Am*    E
                    You find you'll wake up and realize
                        C    G              D/F#   Bsus
                    It takes more than your saline eyes
                    To make things right

 Verse 2: (same as verse 1)
                    You spiral down
                    You've broken your crown
                    You don't feel like a queen
                    You've seen the proof
                    But you're still crying wolf
                    You'll never believe


                    You try to climb a broken ladder
                    Grip the missing rungs
                             Em    Dsus/F#  Em/G  Am*
                    And fall down, down,    down, down,
                    Seems sometime ago you said
                    This wouldn't last
                                         Bsus   B7sus
                    And now you sit here crying       (Ya-e-yea-a-ah!)

                    (guitar solo)
                     E - C - G - D/F# - E - C - G - Am*

 Verse 3 - (intro): Cmaj7 - Am* - Cmaj7 - Am* - Bsus

               Cmaj7   Am*      Cmaj7
                    Beside your bed
                        Am*           Cmaj7
                    You feel left for dead
                        Am*          G    D/F#
                    You kneel in the dark...

 (first part of chorus): E - C - G - D/F# - Em - C - G - Am*

                   E   C     G              D/F#   Bsus
                    It takes more than your saline eyes
                    To make things right


 Outro: Cmaj7 - Am* - Cmaj7 - Am* - Cmaj7 - B7sus

Written by Dan Haseltine, Stephen Mason, Mark Hudson, Greg Wells
Copyright 1997 BridgeBuilding Music (BMI)/Pogostick Music (BMI)
Illegal Music (BMI)/Beef Puppet Music (ASCAP). All rights reserved.


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