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группа James Tommy, Аккорды песни Crystal Blue Persuasion

Группа: James Tommy - другие аккорды (8)
Аккорды песни: Crystal Blue Persuasion
Просмотров: 2121

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE--------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the#
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.#
                       "Crystal Blue Persuasion"
                 (Tommy James - Mike Vale - Eddie Gray)

[Notes: 1) If you really want to get technical, the C#m7/A could be notated
as Amaj9.  2) Play C#m7 as xx6657 and Bm7 as xx4435.  3) This is Tommy
James' own favorite of all his/their singles; mine, too.]


	(congas solo for 2 bars)

	C#m7/A         Bm7
	   /  /  /  /   /  /  /  /	[2X]

	C#m7/A         Bm7    D      A
	   /  /  /  /   /  /  /  /   /

	The bass for the intro and verses varies, but is basically
	  v       v       v       v         v       v       v       v

Verse 1:

	                  C#m7/A  Bm7                 C#m7/A  Bm7
	Look over yonder              what do you see
	                    C#m7/A  Bm7                 C#m7/A  Bm7
	The sun is a-risin'             most definitely
	                    C#m7/A  Bm7                     C#m7/A  Bm7
	A new day is comin'             people are changin'
	                   C#m7/A  Bm7                         C#m7/A  Bm7
	Ain't it beautiful             crystal blue persuasion
	(Bm7)   D      A
	  /  /  /  /   /

Verse 2:

	Better get ready     gonna see the light
	Love, love is the answer     and that's all right
	So don't you give up now     so easy to find
	Just look to your soul     and open your mind

Instrumental break:

	  v       v       v       v

	guitar repeats above figure over following chords:

	A            G            D            A
	/  /  /  /   /  /  /  /   /  /  /  /   /  /  /  /

	A            G           Bm7         Bm7/E
	/  /  /  /   /  /  /  /   /  /  /  /   /  /  /  /

	[N.C.; bass plays pattern similar to verses]

	Crystal blue persuasion, mm-hmm
	It's a new vibration
	Crystal blue persuasion, crystal...

	D            A
	/  /  r  r   /
	            Blue persuasion

	(key modulates to Bb)

	Bass [2X]:

	  v       v       v       v

Verse 3:

	               Dm7/Bb   Cm7                    Dm7/Bb   Cm7
	Maybe tomorrow              when He looks down
	                     Dm7/Bb   Cm7                Dm7/Bb   Cm7
	On every green field              and every town
	                    Dm7/Bb   Cm7              Dm7/Bb   Cm7
	All of His children              every nation

	            Bb                Eb/G
	There'll be peace and good    brotherhood
	Crystal blue persuasion


	Dm7/Bb          Cm7
	Crystal blue persuasion, ah-ha		(repeat to fade)

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers


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