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группа Jam, Аккорды песни Private Hell

Группа: Jam - другие аккорды (18)
Аккорды песни: Private Hell
Просмотров: 1168

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
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#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #
Subject: PRIVATE HELL - The Jam, "Setting Sons" LP

Chords from Davide Musiani - Bologna, Italy
contact me at reti023@didasun1.cineca.it for suggestions, corrections,
discussions or anything else...

Closer than close - you see yourself - a mirrored immage,
     C#                Fm
of what you wanted to be
As each day goes by - a little more -  you can't remember
         C#           Fm
what it was you wanted anyway
The fingers feel the lines - they prod the space - your ageing face
     C#                   D#          C#                   D#
The face that once was so beautiful - is still there but unrecognizable
Private Hell, Private Hell

The man who you once loved - is blad and fat - and seldom in
working late as usual
Your interest has waned - you feel the strain - the bed springs snap
on the occasions he lies upon you - close your eyes and think of nothing but
Private Hell, Private Hell

G#       C#            G#         C#
Think of Emma - wonder what she's doing
    G#      C#          G#          C#
her husband Terry - and your grandchildren
A#       C                A#      C
Think of Edward - who's still at college
     A#       C                  A#         C
you send him letters - which he doesn't acknowledge

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Fm 'Cause he don't care - they don't care C# D# 'Cause they're all going through their own Fm Private Hell, Private Hell The morning slips away - in a valium haze - and catalogues a numerous cups of coffe In the afternoon - the weekly food - is put in bags you float off down the high street The shops windows reflect - play a nameless host - to a closet ghost a picture of your fantasy - a victim of your misery Private Hell, Private Hell Fm Alone at 6 o'clock - you drop a cup - you see it smash C# inside you crack - you can't go on - but you sweep it up D# Fm Safe at last inside your - Private Hell C# D# Fm Sanity at last inside your - Private Hell NOTE: I have recognised the chords above with a PIANO, and not a guitar, so it's impossible for me to find out the exact notes that the great Paul plays during the short guitar solos. I'm sorry but you will have to do it by yourself !!! Of course, suggestions are welcome ad encouraged.

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