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группа Jam, Аккорды песни Going Underground

Группа: Jam - другие аккорды (18)
Аккорды песни: Going Underground
Просмотров: 1249

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#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #
From: "G.D.Renfrew" 

The Jam
Going Underground

Words & Music - Paul Weller

D#m7       Bmaj7     C#maj7    F#6       Badd9    B                    Bmaj7
I'm going un-der-ground (going un-der-ground) well let the 

E                         F#
brass bands play and feet start to pound go-ing

B                    Bmaj7
un-der-ground (going un-der-ground) {well} let the
                                   {so  } 
E                          F#
boys all sing and let the  boys all shout for to-

[First time]
B          Bmaj7        E       F#     

[Second time]
C#m          B          C#m      B
-morrow  la  la la la        la  la la la  We

C#m                       B
talk and we talk until my head ex-plodes I 

C#m                     B
turn on the news and my body froze the

D#m                 E
braying sheep on my T.V. screen make

this boy shout make the boy scream going

C#            C#maj7    F#      G#  
underground                         I'm going

C#            E#m7      F#      G#
un-derground                        I'm going   

Badd9         D#m       E       F#      
un-derground                        I'm going

B             D#m       E       F#  

Shouty bit in the middle 
C             B
   (Hey!) La  la la la la    [X4] 

Almost end
      D#m                 E
These braying sheep on my T.V. screen make 

The boy shout, make the boy scream going

C#                    C#maj7
un-der-ground (go-ing un-derground) well let the 

F#                             G#
brass bands play and {feet     start    to pound go-ing}  [first time]
                     { feet go pound pound pound go-ing}  [second time] 
C#                    C#maj7
un-der-ground (go-ing un-derground) {well} let the 

boys all sing and let the

boys all shout Go-ing   [First Time]

G#                      F#6
boys all shout for  to -mor-row [Second time]

Only knowing the chords doesn't really help play this.
You have to listen to get the right 'chu_gg - chu_gg - ching - eh - eh - eh'
rhythm at the start.

Hope the layout makes sense, it was a real pain to try and 
set it out correctly. The first two lines in the verses run
together a bit.

More Jam will be posted if I have time.

Graeme Renfrew.             
Glasgow Caledonian Univ.        

/ If this is freedom, I don't understand /


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