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группа Jackson Joe, Аккорды песни Home Town

Группа: Jackson Joe - другие аккорды (15)
Аккорды песни: Home Town
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From: phillip@phoenix.Princeton.EDU (Phillip C. Saunders)
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 1996 16:39:34 EST
Subject: joe_jackson/home.town.crd

Joe Jackson, "Home Town" from Big World
transcribed by phillip@princeton.edu

D  A       Bm     F#m      G          D       A
Of all the stupid things I could have thought this was the worst
D A       Bm   F#m        G     D       A
I started to believe that I was born at seventeen
D   A       Bm     F#m         G       D       A
And all the stupid things, the letters and the broken verse
D      A      Bm     F#m    G      D              A
Stayed hidden at the bottom of the drawer, they'd always been
D   A     Bm             F#m      G        D         A
And now I plough through files of bills receipts and credit cards
D   A       Bm      F#m   G                         A
and tickets and the daily news and sometimes I just wanna go back to my

D    F#m            G                       A
Home Town, though I know it'll never be the same
           D    F#m               G
Back to my home town, 'cause it's been so long,
        A                       F#m (???)
and I'm wondering if it's still there.

We think we're pretty smart, us city slickers get around
And when the goping's rough we kill the pain and relocate
We're never married, never faithful not to any town
But we never leave the past behind it just accumulates
So sometimes when the music stops I seem to hear a distant sound
Of waves and seagulls, football crowds and churchbells




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