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группа Innocence Mission, Аккорды песни Someday Coming

Группа: Innocence Mission - другие аккорды (4)
Аккорды песни: Someday Coming
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Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1998 22:45:49 -0500
From: "Tara D. Kennedy" 
Subject: CHO : i/innocence_mission/someday_coming.crd

"Someday Coming"
by the Innocence Mission
from their album "Umbrella"
words by Karen Peris; music by Don and Karen Peris
transcribed by Tara Kennedy (nothingnatural@mail.utexas.edu)

this is hardly perfect - please send any corrections! Cheers!


My [Am]someday [C]coming [G]child,
I [Am]name and [C]I re-[D]name you.
I [G]make up memor[Am][C]ies for [D]you
[G]of [C]melodies and [D]friends from [Am]books I [C]wanted to [D]give you
And [Am]horse and [C]buggy [G]sounds out[D]side.

[G]But of the [C]someday coming [G]world,
I don't [D]know, I don't [G]know.
There is [C]so much I would [D]keep you from
[Am]If I, [C]if I [G]could.


The [Am]heroes, [C]selfish [G]fools -
They [Am]only [C]want their [D]freedom.
The [G]hero-[Am]maker's [C]greed pre[D]vails.
[G]And [C]we are all shock [D]numb
And [Am]watch the [C]shock in[D]creasing.
And [Am]shame is [C]something [G]old, out[D]grown.


[G][C] 4X [G]

Oh, [C]maybe you won't [D]see
My [Am]too self-[C]conscious [D]stumblings,
My [G]running [Am]from the phone[C],
My [D]fears

[G]Because I [C]can be very [G]strong.
Say I [D]can, say I [G]can.
There is [Am]so much [C]to believe [G]in.
There are [Am]angel [C]words to teach [G]you.
There is [C]hope, my daydream [D]child.



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