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группа Deep Purple, Табулатура песни Demonds Eye

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Табулатура песни: Demonds Eye
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From: UL4@stud.hibo.no
Subject: "demond's eye" by Deep Purple.

This is a fearly easy song I picked from my "A's and B's" CD. But it's a real 
cool song, with a really cool riff.  I'm sorry there are no solo's with this, 
but I didn't bother  to pick them. I just improvise :)

Enjoy, and keep on rocking!

"Demond's eye" by DP.

First riff:
D--0--- 5-------------
A---------- 5----------
E------------ 6-3-3--

Second riff:

"Chorus" riff:

     Sly (ay's)                                      like a demond's eye.
G--10-12----10\12--7\10--5\7--3\5------------------------------  \ means slide 
D--10-12--------------------------------------3--5----------------------     to

The song will be something like this:

verse 1:

(Riff 1) Now, I don't mind (Riff 1) just what you say.
(Riff 1) I never hurt you babe, (Riff 1) never hurt you any way. (Riff 2) No, I don't care, (Riff 2) what you do (Riff 1) Just as long as (Riff 1) it ain't me and you. "chorus": sly, (lots of "ay"s) like a demond's eye..... Verse 2: Now everything's good, I said that everything's fine. You don't know, you don't know, It's the end of your time. How does it feel to be turned away? I've known it baby, almost every day. "chorus" - Organ solo - Verse 3: I don't need you, a- anymore I don't want you babe, a- hanging 'round my door You slip'n'slide, around my brain If you think you're so clever, She'd (?) know you're insane. "chorus" - guitar solo - Verse 4: I don't mind, a-just what you say. I never hurt you anyway Everything's good, and everything's fine You don't know it's the end of your time "chorus" - organ and guitar solo - fade........ The solo's are played over a verse and a chorus. The best of luck: JAK!!!!!!

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