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группа Mike Oldfield, Табулатура песни Part 4- North Star-platinum Finale (2)

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Табулатура песни: Part 4- North Star-platinum Finale (2)
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Mike Oldfield
Bass Riff to
Platinum IV
transcribed by Pedro Couto e Santos [solo@esoterica.pt]
OK, you don't really need a bass for this, as you know, the four strings
of the bass are tuned the same as the four top strings on a guitar, so, you
can play this on a guitar, although I do advise a bass, if you can get your hands on one.
This is very simple and obvious, but because I myself take such a long time to
figure out the simple and obvious I decided to write this down so that other 
"slow" players like myself can have a go.
d|-10--------10--------10------------|-10--------10--------10--------10-------| a|--------------------------10-13----|----------------------------------------| e|-----------------------------------|----------------------------------------| g|----15-15-----15-15-----15-15-----15-15-|---10-10----10-10----10-10----10-10-| d|-13--------13--------13--------13-------|-8--------8--------8--------8-------| a|----------------------------------------|------------------------------------| e|----------------------------------------|------------------------------------| g|----12-12-----12-12-------------10-|----12-12-----12-12-----12-12-----12-12-| d|-10--------10--------10------------|-10--------10--------10--------10-------| a|--------------------------10-13----|----------------------------------------| e|-----------------------------------|----------------------------------------| There you go. Any comments or corrections are welcome at solo@esoterica.pt Have fun! Pedro

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