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группа Mike Oldfield, Табулатура песни Ommadawn Part Two (instrumental) (2)

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Табулатура песни: Ommadawn Part Two (instrumental) (2)
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Прислал: squire (cailinsquires@yahoo.ie)

Title : Ommadawn Acoustic Guitar 5.10
By    : Mike Oldfield
Album: Ommadawm
Transcriber: CNL
Date: 10 March 1999
 b  = bend up
 r  = release
 ~  = trill
 h  = hammer
 p  = pull
 /  = slide to neck
   = slide from neck
(8) = keep note ringing
 || = repeat from *
This is not really a tab, but are just the first thoughts i had listing
to this beautiful piece. Watch out ! there are at least 2 guitars but
i couldn't take them apart, so here are both. I cannot play (all of) this 
fluent because of the 2 guitars.
So here are snippets of the acoustical guitar intro. I hope this helps 
someone to write a real tab about it some day.
just a try, starting at 5:10
G[-------------9----|--9-----9-----9---|-9----------------|------------------| D[----------12---12-|---12----12----12-|------------------|------------------| A[----10-10---------|-10----10----10---|------------------|------------------| E[------------------|------------------|------------------|------------------| then the fast riff h h e[------------------|-------------h---7-8-10-| B[-8----------------|---------h--8-10--------| G[---9--7-----------|--h-h---7-9-------------| D[------------------|-7-9-10-----------------| A[------------------|------------------------| E[------------------|------------------------| i'm lost, but it is basicly playing with this melody p h h h h e[10-10-8-7-7-7-8-10|8-8-7----------7-8|-7-7-------------7|------------------| B[------------------|------10-10-10----|-----10-8-8-8-10--|-7---7-10-10-8----| G[------------------|------------------|------------------|---8--------------| D[------------------|------------------|------------------|------------------| A[------------------|------------------|------------------|------------------| E[------------------|------------------|------------------|------------------| Oh and the intro chord might be e[-------10---------| B[--------0---------| G[-----0-----0------| D[------------------| A[--10--------------| E[------------------| Good luck

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