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группа Mike Oldfield, Табулатура песни Crises (2)

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Табулатура песни: Crises (2)
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Прислал: squire (cailinsquires@yahoo.ie)

Crises first guitar solo (2:19)
by Mike Oldfield
Transcribed by Pedro Couto e Santos
E-mail me at solo@esoterica.pt and join the Amarok Tabbing Society!
Here goes my attempt at that cooler than hell first guitar solo on Crises
I think this is a 6/8 time signature, but I'm not sure as I am not very good at
telling these things, if anybody has a better gues at the measure separations
please e-mail me.
Be sure to keep your bends and releases nice and even, this is a kick ass piece.
g|----------14----14-|-12----12--11-12-14-| repeat
b|--------------------------------|--------------------------------| g|-14b(16)r-(14)-p-12----11-------|-14b(16)r-(14)-p-12----11-------| d|--------------------14----------|--------------------14----------| a|--------------------------14----|--------------------------14----| E|--------------------------------|--------------------------------| e|----15---------17------------|-19----19-------------| b|-12----12b*--14----14b*--16--|----16----16-sl------| g|-----------------------------|-------------------11-| repeat d|-----------------------------|----------------------| a|-----------------------------|----------------------| E|-----------------------------|----------------------| *do quarter tone bends just before you slide off to the next note, it adds a lot to the sound. That's about it. For a cool variation I do unison bends on the first two measures of each part. Just bend-release the A on the fourteenth fret third string and, at the same time, play the B on the second string twelveth fret. Just have fun! Pedro Couto e Santos solo@esoterica.pt

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