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группа Mike Oldfield, Табулатура песни Amarok

Группа: Mike Oldfield - другие аккорды (207),   об исполнителе (3 статей),   диски (26),   фотографии (18)
Табулатура песни: Amarok
Просмотров: 916
Прислал: squire (cailinsquires@yahoo.ie)

The low E-string is tuned down to a D. The notation is: 
pr = pull off with right thumb(nail) (slap)  
po = pull off with left finger 
h =  hammer on with left finger 
* =  damp with right thumb
After slapping the low D-string (pr0) you should damp it with the upper
part of your right thumb (*) when positioning it for the next pr0 on the
A-string, resulting in this characteristic damped slap sound. You can do
without it off course, but the the low D-string tends to dominate too
much if you don't (IMHO).
Use your thumb and index finger on your right hand, and index and little
finger on your left (except the pr5-h7-5 bits in the end). 
You can get a good idea of the melody of the riff by listening to the CD
from 0:50 to about 1:50 (if you tune down the *high* E-string to a D, you
can play it here too). For practice play 18:00 to 20:00....... good luck!
Thanks to "Pedro of the 1000 buttons" for a small correction (4/19-98).
                         AMAROK "FAST RIFF" 
repeat 4 times
D+------0---------------0-------0-----3--po(0)----0-----0-----0-----0-+ A+---------pr0--h3--h5-------------5------------5----3-----------0----+ D+-pr0--*------------------pr0--*--------------------------5----------+ and then G+--------------0-----------------------------------------------------+ D+-pr0--h3--h5-----3--po(0)---------------0-----0---------------------+ A+---------------------------pr0--h3--h5-----5-----3--po(0)-----------+ D+--------------------------------------------------------------------+ G+--------------------------------------------------------------------+ D+--------------------------------------------------------------------+ A+--------------0---------------0-----------5-----------5-------------+ D+-pr0--h3--h5-----pr0--h3--h5-----pr5--h7-----pr5--h7-----pr7--h5----+ and now the whole thing again... ------------------------------------------------------------------- Casper Budtz-Jorgensen <> budtz@dfi.aau.dk <> www.dfi.aau.dk/~budtz -------------------------------------------------------------------

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