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группа Mike Oldfield, Аккорды песни No Dream

Группа: Mike Oldfield - другие аккорды (207),   об исполнителе (3 статей),   диски (26),   фотографии (18)
Аккорды песни: No Dream
Просмотров: 1451
Прислал: squire (cailinsquires@yahoo.ie)

Transcribbed by Smaointe - oldfielete@yahoo.es
This is my own interpretation of the song, it possibly doesn't match with Oldfield's interpretation
but it sounds pretty good!
   Intro: d d F C // d d F C
(1st verse)   
   An empty chair
   Is someone sitting there
   Footsteps on the ground
   Can you hear that sound
          d                d 
   Like a wild goose crying on a lonely wind
 F                          C
   Whispering leaves in the branches that bend
   This ain't no dream babe
   Alone in the night
 A                                 d
   Turn on the light this ain't no dream
   This is no dream
   You didn't read this is no book
   Go take a look this ain't
   No Dream
(2nd verse) A restless flame (Like 1st verse) Someone calls your name Through the empty hall casting shadows on the wall In the sound of emptiness Isolation Nowhere left to run now the time has come (Chorus) (Like 1st chorus) (3rd verse) An open door (Like 1st verse) Glass all on the floor Hands have turned to white In the cold breeze of the night There's a face at the window Someone who you know Or who you used to be Could that somebody be me (2nd chorus) Dream babe alone in the night (Like 1st chorus) Turn on the light this ain't no dream This is no dream This is no book Go take a look this ain't no dream Solo: During electric guitar solo we can hear chords sounding backwards, and these chords are the same as in chorus d g A d d g A d . Repeat this 3 times and fade to end If there are any complaints or corrections write me to: oldfielete@yahoo.es Smaointe. 16/01/2002

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