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группа Mike Oldfield, Аккорды песни Far Country

Группа: Mike Oldfield - другие аккорды (207),   об исполнителе (3 статей),   диски (26),   фотографии (18)
Аккорды песни: Far Country
Просмотров: 2120
Прислал: squire (cailinsquires@yahoo.ie)

Transcribbed by Smaointe - oldfielete@yahoo.es
This is my own interpretation of the song, it possibly doesn't match with Oldfield's interpretation
but it sounds pretty good!
(1st verse)
 A               E                         
   She takes the rain
   Turns it to sun
   And my soul she fills it
 A                  E 
   Where once was a desert
   Rivers now run     
          E                    D b E E A            
   And my storm she stills it 
                       D  E                           
   She takes the rain
   D                E                             
   She breathes the air
       f#  D   E                                   
   from a far country
 D              E                                       
   This bond survives
          f#    D    E                                          
   Like a tall, tall tree
 D            E                                           
   I close my eyes
           f#  D E    A               E                                 
   And how far I see... She takes the rain
(2nd verse)   
   She gives me hope                             (Like 1st verse)
   When there's nothing but pain
I can't explain it Two different leaves But the branch is the same Forever let it be... She takes the rain (Chorus) She breathes the air (Like 1st chorus) from a far country This bond survives Like a tall, tall tree I close my eyes And how far I see... She takes the rain Solo: During electric guitar solo the chords sounding background are something like: g F g g F // g F g g F // g F g g F // g F g F A# Bridge: D# c F F A# D# F (Chorus) D# F She breathes the air g D# F from a far country D# F This bond survives g D# F Like a tall, tall tree D# F I close my eyes g D# F D# F g D# F A# And how far I see... She takes the rain And this is how I think it goes. If there are any complaints or corrections write me to: oldfielete@yahoo.es Please, notice me if with this i've helped you to play fairly well this song. Smaointe. 16/01/2002

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