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группа Mike Oldfield, Табулатура песни Tubular Bells Part Two (instrumental)

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Табулатура песни: Tubular Bells Part Two (instrumental)
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Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells part II (Harmonic Intro)
Alright, this is the very very beginning part of Tubular Bells part 2.
It's done in harmonics. For those who don't know what that is, don't feel
bad. I've known about it for a few months now, and just a week ago I
finally figured out how to do it correctly. Basically, you rest your
finger lightly on the string above the fret that you're supposed to play.
Then, you strum the string, and take your finger off really fast. It
should keep ringing. It's good to practice on the 12th fret on the
bottom 3 strings (EAD). Once you get good at this, then you can try the
7th and 12th fret on all strings. Don't get frustrated. When you play 
riffs like this with Harmonics, your fingers kind of "dance" around
on the fretboard. They move very lightly and gracefully. Since it's
a 7-12, 7-12, 7-12 pattern, just keep moving between those two (first
finger on 7 and pinky on 12) and strum the correct string. You'll get the hang of it. Golly-gee, I'm rambling. Have fun! -Alnilam alnilamshck@yahoo.com These are all harmonics. Repeat (simple, isn't it?) E||------------------------|---------------------|| B||------------------------|---------------------|| G||------------------12----|---------------------|| D||--7----12---------------|---------------------|| A||---------------7--------|-------12------------|| E||------------------------|--7------------------||

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