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группа Mike Oldfield, Табулатура песни Tubular Bells Part One (instrumental)

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Табулатура песни: Tubular Bells Part One (instrumental)
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***** Tubular Bells - Intro *****
by Claus Hofmann, hofmann@danet.de
   This part is originally played on piano and glockenspiel, but I saw
   him playing it on guitar in his video "the essential", so I tabbed
   it out. This part is only playable with an easy to learn right hand
   technique - "it is just hammering between one string and another - I 
   did it on piano " (Mike). Use your thumb for the notes on d-string
   second and third finger for those on g- and b- string respectively.
   The beat goes  7/8 7/8 9/8 7/8 - so each note is 1/8 long. 
E+------------------------------I-----------------------II B+------1-----3-----0--1-----0--I-----------------------II G+------------------------------I-----2-----0-----0--2--II D+---2-----2-----2--------2-----I--2-----2-----2--------II A+------------------------------I-----------------------II E+------------------------------I-----------------------II This figure is repeated and repeated - "so I can go on endlesly" Intro bassline arranged for guitar H H P E+--------II-----------------------I--------I-----------------------I--------II B+--------II-----------------------I--------I-----------------------I--------II G+--------II--------------------0--I--------I--0-----0--------------I--------II D+--------II-----------0--2--0-----I--------I-----0-----0-----------I--------II A+--0--0--II--0--2--3--------------I--------I--------------3--2-----I--0--0--II E+--------II-----------------------I--3--3--I--------------------3--I--------II

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