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группа H.I.M., Аккорды песни Funeral Of Hearts

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Аккорды песни: Funeral Of Hearts
Просмотров: 5833
Подобрал: Lily (muzika-1@yandex.ru)

H.I.M. "Funeral of hearts" *****
(Новый CD)
I'm not a really good guitar player... But i decided to publish my version of
this new HIM's song... Please, don't blame me if there are any mistakes! :) 
Enjoy it!
Am         G              C
She was the sun shinin' upon
F                 Am         G        Am    G
A tomb of your hopes and dreams so frail...
Am            G           C
He was the moon painting you
F                  Am     G        Am
With its glove so volnerable and pail
G          Am             G
Love's the funeral of hearts
           F    C   G
And an ode for cruelty
Am                 G
When angels cry blood
               F        C G
On flowers of evil in bloom
  Am             G
The funeral of hearts...
       F     C G
And before mercy
Am              G
When love is a gun
  F                 C  G     Am
Separating me from you...
She was the wind carring in
All the troubles and fears
Been for years Trying to forget He was the fire, Restless and wild And you were Like a moth to the flame Repeat chorus. Am G C Been ready seen beyond devine Dm Am Pray to God as deaf and blind G C The last night souls on fire Dm Am G Dreaming words and a question "Why?" Repeat chorus but here we go one tone up: Bm A Love's the funeral of hearts G D A And an ode for cruelty Bm A When angels cry blood G D A On flowers of evil in bloom The funeral of hearts And before mercy When love is a gun Ceparating me from you... Repeat the 1st part of the chorus... That's it! :)

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