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группа Deep Purple, Аккорды песни April

Группа: Deep Purple - другие аккорды (86),   о группе (2 статей),   диски (24),   фотографии (10)
Аккорды песни: April
Просмотров: 2580
Прислал: Pilgrim (pilgrim@akkords.ru)

From "Deep Purple", 1969
Gm               F
April is a cruel time

Even though the sun may shine

And world will turn to shake

As it slowly comes away

Still falls the April rain

And the valley's filled with pain

And you can't tell if I cry

                         Gm                 F
As i look up to the grey sky

Where it should be blue

Eb9            D7+9
Grey sky           where I should see you

Gm        F
Ask why,     why it should be so

Eb7+9 D7+9 I'll cry, say that I don't know Eb Bb Maybe once in a while I'll forget and I'll smile Cm But then the feeling comes again of an April without end D7(+9) Of an April lonely as they come Eb Bb In the dark of my mind I can see all too fine Cm But there is nothing to be done when I just can't feel the sun D7+9 And the springtime's the season of the night NOTES: In the « Gm-F-Eb-D7+9 » section, the Eb can be played on various manners, Eb 7+9, Eb 9, Eb7 or simply Eb. Each variation gives another feeling, so use them without any restriction and as you want, the ones I transcribed are just a personnal view of this wonderful song. Transcribed by Gilles Snowcat

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