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группа 3 Doors Down, Аккорды песни Loser

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Аккорды песни: Loser
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Date: Tue, 26 Dec 2000 21:14:37 -0500
Subject: 3/3_doors_down/loser.crd

Song title: Loser
Artist: Three Doors Down
by: Rattice

The previous file is incorrect as in the Fm should be F#. So try it like 
this (in tab format of course).

Intro & verses

   F#        D

E -2-2-2-2---2-  r
B -2-2-2-2---3-  e
G -3-3-3-3---2-  p
D -4-4-4-4---0-  e
A -4-4-4-4---0-  a
e -2-2-2-2-----  t

during the verses, add in this little riff after the above chords: D E -2----2--- B --3----3-- G ---2----2- D ---------- A ---------- e ---------- Chorus: Distortion E F# D E E -0---2---------- B -0---2---7---9-- G -1---3---7---9-- D -2---4---7---9-- A -2---4---5---7-- e -0---2-------0-- If you figure out the little riff for the bridge in the middle of the song, please e-mail me at rattice@hotmail.com KISS Rules!

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