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группа 3 Doors Down, Аккорды песни Kryptonite

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Аккорды песни: Kryptonite
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Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 16:34:35 -0400
Subject: t/three_doors_down/kryptonite.crd

[a:Three Doors Down]

This song was transcribed completely by
Grant - airhockeyteam@aol.com

Listen to song to get timing, and for when to play riff.
Riff is played clean in the intro, and the chords are clean for a while too. 
Then, after the first verse, the chords are distorted. There are two guitars 
in the song, but you can make do with one. This song also sounds awesome 
acoustic. If anybody can get the solo, please send it to me.

    Bm            G       A9
|e|-------------------------------| |B|-------3---------------------0-| |G|-----4---4---0-------0-----2---| |D|---4-------4-------0-----2-----| |A|-2---------------2-----0-------| |E|---------------3---------------| Verse: Bm G A9 (repeat) Chorus: Bm G A9 Bm E F#m Bm G A9 Bm E F#m That's about it, after playing along with the song a few times, find the lyrics on the internet, and it should be pretty easy. questions/comments: airhockeyteam@aol.com

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