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группа Red Hot Chili Peppers, Аккорды песни Emit Remmus

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Аккорды песни: Emit Remmus
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 RHCP - Emit Remnus
Transcribed by Wim...
questions, comments, critisism, death threats,
additions, requests, proposals  ----> sirnick@hotmail.com
and if you just want to say thank you, then that would be very appreciated   :)

There\'s not much guitar to this song... lot\'s of feedback kind of noise.
Can anyone tell me what the title means?!?


5/7        slide up
x          muted note (deaden the string when you pluck it)
5~ ~       tremolo/vibrato (wiggle your finger :)

  Intro: Guitar w/ metal zone pedal
         Let notes ring (and squeal)



     Later maybe we could share some air ... Leicester square.


     London in the summer time...


The California animal is a bear
Angeleno but the devil may care
Summer time to talk and swear
Later maybe we could share some air
I\'ll take you to the movies there
We could walk through Leicester Square
What could be wetter than
An English girl American man

London in the summer time
Call me now use the satellite
London in the summer time
Cuss me out and it\'ll feel all right

Hesitate but don\'t refuse
The choice was yours but you said choose
The look she used was green and sharp
Stabbed that boy all in his heart
Come what may the cosmos will
Take me up and down on Primrose Hill
What could be wetter than An English girl American man Chorus Cuss me out and it\'ll feel all right It\'s all right now Call me now use the satellite It\'s all right It\'s all right Down and out and it\'ll sound all right It\'s all right now It\'s all right The California flower is poppy child Felony sends me all the gold in your smile Drift away from anyone you can Nothing ever goes according to plan Though I know that every river bends Time to say hello to snow on the Thames What could be wetter than An English girl American man Chorus --- This note is appended to my unfinished tabs. The last couple of days I have been working on transcribing the chili peppers new album for guitar, and in some cases for bass too (although i\'ve hardly ever picked up a bass) :) I\'ve done some of most of the tracks tonight, but I\'ve got a major due yesterday and I\'ve got test week coming up... it\'s too much to finish. I have tabbed the intros and maybe verses to most of the songs, to give everyone a start - the idea is to get a network of people tabbing the album so it can be accurate and available for bands in the near future! I don\'t play bass or drums, it would be great if other people could help out with transcribing instruments, thanks. The other idea of tabbing a little bit is to give all you guitarists a start; and please help with the tabbing if you think you\'ve got better versions/methods/whatever. If you have any corrections, additions (I haven\'t added song layouts; where choruses go and how many verse riffs to play etc... these layouts are really helpful for bands), or comments to add then don\'t be lazy and ignore it, email...! Everyone who contributes will get credit, and thanks in advance for your effort. If you want more transription of this particular track, the solo, or whatever, then send me or some other transcriber a _friendly polite_ email with a request of what you\'re after. :) If we get a lot of requests for a particular song, it will get more priority... but polite requests get the most attention. Sorry \'bout the legal stuff at the top, but it\'s gotta be there. :) --- Written by Anthony Kiedis, Flea, John Frusciante, Chad Smith (c) 1999 Moebetoblame Music BMI Lyrics reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

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