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группа Orgy, Табулатура песни Blue Monday

Группа: Orgy - другие аккорды (10),   фотографии (1)
Табулатура песни: Blue Monday
Просмотров: 1879


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Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 21:11:36 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: o/orgy/blue_monday.tab

Artist: Orgy
Song title: Blue Monday
Album: Candyass
Written by: J. Gordon/ R. Shuck/ R. Hewitt/ A. Derakh
Transcribed by: Catcat, e-mail at binny143@yahoo.com

Okay, so this is the first time I'm writing a tab down . .please bear
with me. This is not 100% accurate (but hey, no tab is anyway) so my
apologies for mistakes. Anyway here's the tab . .ENJOY!!!

        By the way, Ryan uses a 7-string Ibanez but you could pull this off
with a 6 string, just tune down the low E to D (dropped D tuning).

        Any comments, suggestions, corrections . .email me at
binny143@yahoo.com. You might want to request also.

Drums come in first, then this riff
Intro Riff
e |----------------------------------------|
B |----------------------------------------|
G |----------------------------------------|
D |--5-5-5--7------------------------------|
A |------------5-5-5---7-7--7-7--7-7-------|  
D |----------------------------------------|

Main  Riff
e |----------------------------------------|
B |----------------------------------------|
G |----------------------------------------|
D |--5--5-5-5--7---------------------------|
A |---------------5--5-5-5---7-7--7-7--7-7-| 
D |----------------------------------------|

Riff 1 play this 2x on the 3rd time you here the main riff
e |----------------------------------------|
B |--11-----------11-----------------------|
G |-----11---12------11---9----------------|
D |----------------------------------------|
A |----------------------------------------|
D |----------------------------------------|

While Bobby is hitting away with his drums, slide down the D-string of your guitar Chorus Riff (this doesn't show strumming pattern) e |----------------------------------------| B |----------------------------------------| G |----------------------------------------| D |---5---0---2-----7---0---2--------------| A |---5---0---2-----7---0---2--------------| D |---5---0---2-----7---0---2--------------| Riff 2 e |------------------------------------19--| B |--20--19--17--19--------20--19--17------| G |-------------------16-------------------| D |----------------------------------------| A |----------------------------------------| D |----------------------------------------| Riff 3 e |----------------------------------------| B |----------------------------------------| G |----------------------------------------| D |--------------------8----------8--------| A |--6---4-------4-6-----9---4-6---9---6---| D |----------8-----------------------------| Riff progression Drums Intro Riff Main Riff 6x - Insert Riff 1 on 3rd time Drums Chorus Riff 2x Drums Main Riff 8x Chorus 2x Main Riff 8x Riff 2 2x Drums Main Riff 10x Riff 3 2x (do main riff in he background) Main Riff 4x Drums Chorus Riff - a couple of times to fade There you go, quite an easy song. Hope this has helped improved your playing!

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