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группа Gorka John, Аккорды песни Raven In The Storm

Группа: Gorka John - другие аккорды (12)
Аккорды песни: Raven In The Storm
Просмотров: 1846

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From: steidlr@ccmail.orst.edu (Bob Steidl)

	Raven In the Storm

	written by John Gorka and Geoff Bartley
	performed by John Gorka from "Land of the Bottom Line"

	He plays this with a capo on the 1st fret (or tunes up). 
	I've chorded it as if played in the first position.

Intro:	Em D C D (4x)

	|-------------------------------------| h = hammer on
	|----5-h353----0----------------------| Played with
	|-3----------5---3---6--h565--0--2----| capo on 1st fret
	|----------------------------------3--| Solo is similar

Em      D      C        D
I'm the latest apparition

Em      D      C         D
Cutting slices in the night

Em      D           C          D
I come through without permission

Em     D      C          D
Moving in and out of sight

I'm the tapping on your shoulder
I'm the raven in the storm
I'll take shelter in your rafters
I'm the shiver when you're warm


	G               D
	I'm the gold in California

	C               D
	I'm the well in Mexico
G D Like the vultures in the valley C I will wait for you to go Em D C D (4x) I'm the gypsy in your pocket I'm the horseman in your dreams I'm the reason dogs are barking I'm the hand that stops the scream I'm the baby's cry that isn't I am the distant relative I'm the scratching in the ceiling I'm advice you shouldn't give Chorus: I'm the ghost of a traveling salesman My foot will be there in your door Though I can walk through walls and windows I will knock just like before I'm the darkness in your daughter I'm the spot beneath the skin I'm the scarlet on the pavement I am the broken heart within Chorus: I won't take a train to nowhere I will not touch just anyone Ask a stranger why I'm waiting In the chamber of a gun Hint: At first, the strum pattern in the Verse/Intro seemed somewhat awkward. Hitting all the "D" chords on the UP stroke rather than the DOWN stroke seems right. Bob Steidl

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