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группа Girlfriend, Аккорды песни Girlfriend

Группа: Girlfriend - другие аккорды (1)
Аккорды песни: Girlfriend
Просмотров: 1478

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>Howdy! Does anybody know if anybody has the chords to the songs off of 
>"Girlfriend?" Is it on an ftp site somewhere? Reply by e-mail. Mucho 
>thanks in advance.

chords are:  C# - B - F# for the verses, and F# - B - F# - C# for
the choruses... all the lead stuff in is C#, and with those chords
does that make it mixolydian, since F# - B - C# define F#?  

aash@ms.uky.edu, aash@ukma.bitnet     "the only thing i ever really wanted to
{backbone|rutgers|uunet}!ukma!aash     say was wrong, was wrong, was wrong."


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