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группа Williams Mason, Аккорды песни Classical Gas

Группа: Williams Mason - другие аккорды (4)
Аккорды песни: Classical Gas
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Hello James,

Here are the chords to Classical Gas.  You may wish to make a directory 
named "Mason_Williams" to store it (or alternatively, place it in 
the "Various_Artists" directory).  Thanks.


=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=Cut here-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
Artist: Mason Williams
Title:  Classical Gas
Year:   1967

                            CLASSICAL GAS
                       Music by Mason Williams

Chord voicings:

    A   Am A7sus  Bb  C   D   Db  Dm  D7  E   Em  E7  F   G   Gb  G7
e --0---0----3----1---0---2---1---1---2---0---0---0---1---3---2---1---
B --2---1----3----3---1---3---2---3---1---0---0---0---1---0---2---0---
G --2---2----2----3---0---2---1---2---2---1---0---1---2---0---3---0---
D --2---2----2----0---2---0---3---0---0---2---2---0---3---0---4---0---
A --0---0-------------3-------------------2---2---2-------2-------2---
E ----------------------------------------0---0---0-------3-------3---

Note: Time signatures change at different points in song.

|Am        |G         |Em        |Am        |Am        |G         |

           4/4                   2/4        4/4
|Em        |Am G Am G |C    Am   |E         |Am        |G         |

|Em        |Am        |Am        |G         |Em        |Am        |

|Am        |G         |Em        |Am        |Am        |G         |

                                            2/4        4/4
|Em        |Am   G    |Am   G    |C    Am   |Em        |F    G    |

                      6/4        3/4        4/4
|Am   G    |Am   G    |C  F D7 G |E7        |Am      D |D         |

                                            5/4        6/4
|Am      D |D         |Am      D |D       G |G  C  F Bb|A7sus     |

|Dm        |Db        |Gb   Db   |Db        |Gb   Db   |E         |

                                 5/4        6/4        4/4
|A    E    |E         |A       G |G  C  F Bb|A7sus     |Dm        |

|Dm        |Am        |Am        |Am        |Am        |Am        |

|Am        |Am        |Am   G    |C         |G         |Am        |

|G7        |C         |G         |Am        |G         |Em        |

                      3/4        4/4
|Am G Am G |C  F  D G |E         |Am        |D         |Am        |

                                 5/4        6/4        4/4
|D         |Am        |D         |G  C  F Bb|A7sus     |Dm        |

|Am        |G         |Em        |Am        |Am        |G         |

|Em        |Am        |Am        |G         |Em        |Am        |

|Am        |G         |Em        |Am   G    |Am   G    |C    Am   |

2/4        4/4                              3/4        4/4
|Em        |F    G    |Am G Am G |C  F  D G |E7      Am|Am D   G  |

|C   F   Bb|Dm        |Dm        |D         |D         |A         |

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=The End=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

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