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группа Violent Femmes, Аккорды песни Please Dont Go

Группа: Violent Femmes - другие аккорды (66)
Аккорды песни: Please Dont Go
Просмотров: 1633

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From: cew@ecr.mu.oz.au (Corey_Edward WALKER)
violent femmes

Please Don't Go ::
		  G                                 C    D
__Verse: 	Tell You man I'm stuck on this lovely girl.
and    		   G                       C   D 
chorus__	Please Please Please Do Not Go

(Four strums G, two strums each C and D)
(same rhythm thru intro and odd verses)

__Other verses__ :
C		           G
How long, can the days go on
C		        G
When my love is so strong
C		G
I cannot tell a lie
C		   D
I wanna see him go bye

(back to G C D prog.)

Sorry its a bit short and pretty simple,but its a start.
Any additions... post to me...
Corey Walker...


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