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группа Violent Femmes, Табулатура песни Blister In The Sun

Группа: Violent Femmes - другие аккорды (66)
Табулатура песни: Blister In The Sun
Просмотров: 1659

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From: satogata@hazel.fnal.gov (Todd Satogata)
Subject: Re: Femmes' "Blister in the Sun"

Well, the bass lines are the real meat and bones for most
Femmes' stuff I've ever picked out.  (That's okay in "Blister",
'cus for much of it the guitar is playing the bass part an
octave up...)

|----------------------------------------| 4 times
|----------------------------------------| (Figure A)

|--------------------------------------------------------| Chorus
|---0^2----0^2-0^2-----------------------0^2----0^2-0^2--| (Figure B)

|---------0--2^0-------------| and then back to Figure A...

|----------------| Bass riff before guitar harmonics...

Another song I know the bass line for off the same album
(that is, ignoring the bass solo which I never got all the
way through, and so fake) is "Please Do Not Go":

|-------0---3-2-0-----------0---2^0------------|  Main Verse bass line

|--5-3-2-0----------0---------|  Basic Chorus bass

A very similar riff to the 4^2^0 riff in "Blister" starts
off the bass solo, if you feel inclined to actually figure it out.
(Hint: there's lots of alternating picking, with an open string
ringing a note while another string is played in a sliding,
climbing fashion.)  I'd love to see real tab for the entire
bass solo of this song...


| Todd Satogata           | Can you still recall that bundle of potential   |
| satogata@calvin.fnal.gov|    that you were when you were young...         |
| satogata@fnal.bitnet    |			-Tony Banks, 1991           |


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