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группа Venray Hallo, Аккорды песни Slowange

Группа: Venray Hallo - другие аккорды (2)
Аккорды песни: Slowange
Просмотров: 2026

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Date: Thu, 8 Feb 1996 12:15:51 +0100 (MET)
From: Patrick Meirmans 
Subject: Slow Change

SLOW CHANGE - HALLO VENRAY (not hEllo venray

Written by Henk Koorn

This song comes from the album with the hilarious title:
and also appeared on the "twee meter sessie"-cd (acoustic)

Transcribed by Reinier Vergunst
Written down by Patrick Meirmans

This song is too simple to be true:
For the verse, just play: 
       Em, D, C, D,
And at the line with the *, play C, C, then play the normal part again.

And the chorus is:
       G, D, C, D,

I've been to this bar where I met a girl
she told me life was hard livin' in this world
next day I went to an old friend of mine
he told me his job payed good
*but he was lookin' for better times
lookin' for better times

Last night I watched tv in my room
I was so tired I didn't care what channel I tuned
I saw colours no grey or black and white
it's good to have nothing on your mind and
*you know what I mean
you know what I mean

	There must be some kind of a slow change
	getting hold of me
	I can see the colours don't seem
	the same as they used to be
	there must be some kind of a slow change
	getting hold of me
	some kind of a slow change
	getting hold of me

I got a letter from a girl she said she loved me so
I didn't answer 'cause I had a girl of my own
I got your name and number in my mind
you'll never know when you'll be
*lookin' for better times
lookin' for better times

Then repeat the chorus,

Next there is a solo, but we didn't write it down (Hey, we're no 
geniusses, so if you want to play it, just fool around in E, that's what 
they do on the record.....)

Repeat the chorus again.

All together this is a really nice song to play, but if you don't sing 
with it it's rather boring (I know: the doctor doesn't allow me to sing, 
because I don't seem to do it right). It doesn't matter if you sing out 
of tune, that's what he does.... (You should listen to Henk Koorn when 
he's singing 'Eugene' during a gig)

When you think there are too many mistakes in this #$*@; don't bother to 
mail us at mijter@dds.nl

Have Fun!!!!


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