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группа Vega Suzanne, Аккорды песни Marlene On The Wall

Группа: Vega Suzanne - другие аккорды (30)
Аккорды песни: Marlene On The Wall
Просмотров: 1216

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #
"Marlene on the wall"
  words & music by Suzanne Vega

!!!set capo on 1st fret!!!!
(So all these chords below are one halfstep higher recorded!)
Tempo is 112

Chord-List: (if you wanna play w/o capo, increase the fret-nr by one)

chord   F  A# d# g# c  f
E       0  2  2  1  0  0
Esus4   0  2  2  2  0  0
F#msus4 2  2  2  2  2  2
Amaj9   X  0  2  1  0  0
Aadd2   X  2  2  2  2  0
Em7     0  2  0  0  0  0 
Cmaj7   X  3  2  0  0  0
C6      X  3  2  2  1  0
Bm7sus4 X  2  4  2  5  2
Bm7     X  2  4  4  3  2
G/C     X  3  0  0  0  3
D       X  X  0  2  3  2
D/C     X  3  0  2  3  2   (you can also play simple D)

Intro: E | Esus4 | F#msus4 | Amaj9
(Last warning: these are the chords for guits w/ capo on 1st fred.
 If you play bass or w/o capo, the intro is F|Fsus4|Gm7sus4|Bbmaj9 etc.)

[E]Even if I am in love with you all
[Esus4]this to say what's it to you? Ob-
[F#msus4]serve the blood the rose tatoo of the
[Aadd2]fingerprints on me from you.
[E]other evidence has shown that
[Esus4]you and I are still alone we
[F#msus4]skirt around the danger zone and don't
[Aadd2]talk about it later.

[Em7]Marlene watches from the walls
[Cmaj7]her mocking [C6]smile says it all
[Bm7sus4]as she records[Bm7] the rise and
[Cmaj7]fall of every soldier passing
[Em7]but the only soldier now is me
[Cmaj7]I'm fighting things[C6] I cannot
[Bm7sus4]see. I think its [Bm7]called my desti-
[G/C]ny but [D/C]I [G/C]am [Cmaj9]changing
[D] Marlene on the wall
[Cmaj7] | [D] | [Cmaj7] (Well I) 2. [E]Walk to your house in the afternoon by the [Esus4]butcher shop with the saw-dust strewn [F#msus4]"don't give away the goods too soon" is [Aadd2]what you might have told me and I [E]tried so hard to resist when you [Esus4]held me in your handsome fist and re [F#msus4]minded me of the night we kissed and of [Aadd2]why I should be leaving CHORUS 3. Instrumental CHORUS (on last [Cmaj7] words are: "And") repeat 1st verse (additional lyrics are "And I" within last bar of 1st verse) CODA [E]tried so hard to resist [Esus4]held me in your handsome fist and re- [F#msus4]minded me of the night we kissed and of [Aadd2]why I should be leaving. ||: [Em7]Marlene watches from the wall [Cmaj7]her mocking [C6]smile says it all [Bm7sus4]as she records the rise and [Cmaj7]fall of every <1.man whose been here / 2.soldier passing> [Em7]but the only <1.one here / 2.soldier> now is me [Cmaj7]I'm fighting things [C6]I cannot [Bm7sus4]see I think it's [Bm7]called my desti- [G/C]ny but [D/C]I [G/C]am [Cmaj9]changing <1.[D]changing changing [Cmaj7]changing changing :|| /2.[D] Marlene on the wall.> OUTRO [Cmaj7] | [D] | [Cmaj7] | [D] | [Cmaj7] | [E] nice song but not that easy... have fun! Erik Pischel pischel@informatik.hu-berlin.de

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