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группа Van Zant Johnny, Аккорды песни Brickyard Road

Группа: Van Zant Johnny - другие аккорды (2)
Аккорды песни: Brickyard Road
Просмотров: 2122

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From: vetters@vax1.elon.edu (Steve Vetter)

Brickyard Road - Johnny Van Zant
tabbed by: Steve Vetter
please mail/post all corrections

I have figured out the chords to be:  G D C C
I'm sure there's more to it than that. 

Doesn't seem that long ago
Three of us walking down that road
grey 55 chevy parked in the front yard
little melody tagged along
those were the best days now they're gone

oh it's been twelve years since it went down
Lord lost my best friend now
i can still see him, fishin on that old dock
i know i can't bring back yesterday
but oh Lord can youhel me find my way

down to brickyard road-oh walk on down
down to the brickyard road-he's with me now
swore i saw a free brid fly
riding the winds of a southern sky
when i hear that whistle blow
it carries me back to brickyard road

brother do you realize what you've done
touched the hearts of everyone
you might have died too young 
but your songs live on
i know I can't bring back yesterday
but we'll be all together again someday



i can see him standing on the dock
his old chevy out in the front yard
walk on down-walk on down
momma and daddy's doing all right
saw melody last saturday night
she's all grown up-she such a pretty girl
things just ain't the same since you left our world
oh brickyard road
hear me now
i can see him, down on brickyard road

swore I saw a free brid fly,
riding the winds of a southern sky
down to brickyard road
oh brickyard road
oh brickyard road
wanna go back


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