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группа Van Halen, Табулатура песни Dance The Night Away

Группа: Van Halen - другие аккорды (107)
Табулатура песни: Dance The Night Away
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Dance the Night Away
	Van Halen, from _Van_Halen_II_

transcribed by pat@jaameri.gsfc.nasa.gov (patrick m. ryan)

	As with just about all VH songs, tune down 1/2 step to play the
song in the original key.  The underscore '_' means "slide".

[here's the signature riff for the song]


[this riff is ad-libbed through most of the song.]

Have you seen her?
So fine and pretty.  Fooled me with her style and ease.
And I feel her from across the room.
Yes, it's love in the third degree.

    Ooh, baby, baby.
 C#m C#m  E     A

Won'tcha turn your head my way?

Ooh, baby, baby.
Come on, take a chance.
You're old enough to dance the night away.
Oh, come on, baby, dance the night away.

A live wire.
Barely a beginner, but just watch that lady go.
She's on fire, 'cause dancing gets her higher than
anything else she knows.

Ooh, baby, baby.
Won'tcha turn your head my way?
Ooh, baby, baby.
Well, don't skip romance, 'cause you're old enough to dance
the night away.
Oh, come on, baby, dance the night away.


Dance the night away.
Dance, dance, dance the night away.
(repeat and fade)

"I have a cunning plan." -- Baldrick
                                                             patrick m. ryan
     nasa / goddard space flight center / oceans and ice branch / hughes stx
                     pat@jaameri.gsfc.nasa.gov / zmpmr@charney.gsfc.nasa.gov


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