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группа Ugly Kid Joe, Табулатура песни Every Thing About You

Группа: Ugly Kid Joe - другие аккорды (16)
Табулатура песни: Every Thing About You
Просмотров: 1899

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"Everything about you" / Ugly Kid Joe
Tab transcription by Mark van 't Zet (tmvtzet@cs.vu.nl)

INTRO - Main riff and variations, clean guitar


----2------------------2---------------------3----------2-| N.C

VERSE  - alternate between D and A chords as above, kick in with
         distortion and power chords about halfway

CHORUS - Power chords G and A 

I get sick when I'm around ..
I can't stand to be around ..
I hate everything about you

BRIDGE - G, G# and A arpeggio's with clean guitar

G                             G# 
Some say I got a bad attitude
A                                              G#
But that don't change the way I feel about you

SOLO   - Could someone figure that out please? I'm really lazy.

FAST PART - Just chop some powerchords

ENDING - Two guitars, one ascending, one descending



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