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группа Urban Dance Squad, Аккорды песни Temporarily Expendable

Группа: Urban Dance Squad - другие аккорды (10)
Аккорды песни: Temporarily Expendable
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From stefan11@worldaccess.nl Thu May  8 14:02:33 1997
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 97 16:25:21 GMT
From: stefan11@worldaccess.nl
To: nevada 
Subject: crd: 'Temporarily Expendable' - Urban Dance Squad

Temporarily Expendable - Urban Dance Squad (cd:Planet Ultra)

intro: Fm C# (4x)

Fm           C#         Fm              C#
People come, friends go, wonder for the reason
Fm            C#     G#    (C or D#?)
Summer is one season LONG
Fm          C#          Fm             C#
Dark days, storm ahead, forces get you soakin' wet
Fm                C#            Fm
Makes you longing for your bed. WARM
Fm          C#                   Fm            C#
Cycle's on, leaves drop dead, the ones you love go instead
Fm              C#               G#   (C or D#?)
Yellow pictures paint your past. GONE
Fm                  D#              G#
Last not least, not least but last, can you laugh

Fm           C#   Fm            C#
hihihi hahahahi    hihihi hahahahi
Fm           C#   Fm            C# D#
hihihi hahahahi    hihihi hahahahi
G#    Fm           G#    Fm
hi hi ha ha ho ho  hi hi ha ha ho ho
G#    Fm           G#    Fm          C (or D#?)
hi hi ha ha ho ho  hi hi ha ha ho ho

Good times, man it's been a bliss, now its strictly bizniz
Grab a coat, can you kiss this OFF

Wish and be like Busiek, image that will surely last
Thoughts when people lack SOUL

People come and friends go wonder for the reason
Summer is one season old

Last not least, not least but last, can you laugh

tabbed by Stefan Nijenhuis


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