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группа Tragically Hip, Аккорды песни When The Weight Comes Down

Группа: Tragically Hip - другие аккорды (98)
Аккорды песни: When The Weight Comes Down
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From: sports2@genie.geis.com
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 95 19:26:00 UTC
Subject: CRD:When The Weight Comes Down

When The Weight Comes Down - The Tragically Hip
>From UP TO HERE, 1989
Tabbed by Duncan Koerber 
The B chord is played like this:
B                                       A
Afternoon, see a guy with rubies on his head
        B                                   A
and he's shifting like, shifting like he was dead
        B                           A
and he's hearing something she never said
       G              A         B
on his way back home, under his bed
         B  G         A
When the weight comes down
         B  G         A
When the weight comes down
In the night there's a girl who doesn't mind her ragged sleeves
knowing someone soon is gonna grieve
and a man he tells her a story, she just don't believe
called "adam never could do right by eve."
        B  G         A
and the weight comes down
        B  G         A
and the weight comes down
        B  G         A
and the weight comes down
        F#           A
down on you, down on me
and a girl walks by the burning bush
she asks "what's gone wrong here man?"
and he smiles, says, "Open wide, wide, wide"
In my dreams, a candy coated train comes to my door
with a little girl, I can't have anymore
you know a letter washes up to the shore
that I cannot read and I probably should ignore
when the weight comes down
when the weight comes down
when the weight comes down
A  -  x02220 or 577655
B  -  x24442
Em -  022xxx
F# -  244322
G  -  355433


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