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группа Tragically Hip, Аккорды песни Killing Time

Группа: Tragically Hip - другие аккорды (98)
Аккорды песни: Killing Time
Просмотров: 1259

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From: sports2@genie.geis.com
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 95 14:35:00 UTC
Subject: CRD: Killing Time - T. Hip

Killing Time - The Tragically Hip
Main riff played throughout:
Riff x 2
I need your confidence, need to know your mine
Riff x 2
When it gets right down to the killing time
Riff x 2
I know your heart is bad, but it's all I've ever had
Riff x 2
We can live our lives on this righteous crime
Dsus2             Em7+5 G    Dsus2                Em7+5   G
I got kicked when I was down and a sailor took my girl to town
Dsus2              Em7+5           G         Dsus2    Em7+5    G
then she licked my wounds with the sea dog's salt
Dsus2            Em7+5     G     Dsus2           Em7+5    G
I drank a half a bottle of jack, swore I'd never take you back
Dsus2           Em7+5     G       Dsus2   Em7+5    G
by the bottle's end I was on that phone.
Em7+5        C          Am
What you call compromise I don't understand
Em7+5        C          Am                  A
What you call compromise I don't under------stand
How do you walk away?
How do you walk away?
How do you walk away from a woman that gone and done you wrong?
A     -  x02220
Am    -  x02210
C     -  x32010
Dsus2 -  xx0230
Em7+5 -  032030
G     -  320030


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