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группа Tragically Hip, Аккорды песни All Canadian Surf Club

Группа: Tragically Hip - другие аккорды (98)
Аккорды песни: All Canadian Surf Club
Просмотров: 2272

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From: sports2@genie.geis.com
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 95 14:36:00 UTC
Subject: CRD: All Canadian Surf Club

All-Canadian Surf Club - The Tragically Hip
>From THE TRAGICALLY HIP EP, 1987 (bonus track)
(Here's an obscure one for ya)
Main riffs used throughout:
Riff-A                   Riff-B
e---------------------   ------------------------
B---------------------   ------------------------
G---------------------   ------------------------
D----12-12-12-9-12----   ----9-9-12-9------------
A---------------------   -------------12-10-7----
E---------------------   ------------------------
E                                                         Riff-B  Riff-A
Well there's a rocking little spot next to the Regent PA's
E                                                             Riff-B  Riff-A
And if you want to make the scene you'll make it sooner or later
You hang out with the crowd, you know the ins and the outs
E                                            Riff-B  Riff-A  B  A  E  Riff-B
All-Canadian Surfers in jackets and long hair
Well we rocking to the beaches watch as the waves roll there
I meant I really dig you baby, made me wild with your blonde hair
When your dancin' next to me I want to roll and die there
I'll ??????????????  while I'm thinking about next year
D    A      G   E     D    A  G    E
Walk across the sand, with another friend
D  A    G E     D    A  G   E
My love depends when summer ends
You really abuse and use the beach cuz that's the thing that you need there
I got my guitar, ????????????, chick, and twenty four cold beers
When your dancin'next to me I want to roll and die there
All-Canadian Surf Club in jackets and long hair
Walk across the sand, with another friend
My heart depends when summer ends
In jackets and long hair
I want to roll and die there
Make me wild with your blonde hair
A   -  x02220
B   -  x24442
D   -  x00232
E   -  022100
G   -  320033


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