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группа Things Fall Apart, Аккорды песни Forget

Группа: Things Fall Apart - другие аккорды (2)
Аккорды песни: Forget
Просмотров: 2364

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From: Tfazappa@aol.com
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 1996 22:13:40 -0400

"Forget," by THINGS FALL APART              
                  transcribed by Aaron Kinney

[E]     [B]     [A]     [Ab]     [E2]
[E]     [B]     [A]     [Ab]     [E2]

        And our a[E]ng[B]els:
        our a[A]ngels sing [Ab] no [E2] more 
        As our chi[E]ld[B]ren
        our chi[A]ldren go to [Ab] [E2] war
        And no free[E]d[B]om
        is [A] worth dying [E] for
        As they're [E] fall[B]ing
        they [A] fall at heav[Ab]en's [E2] door.

        [F#]     [Ab] \ [F#] \ [E2]     [F#]     [A]     [E] 

         And the [E] sta[B]rs:
         the [A] stars hide from [Ab] the [E2] dawn
         And the [E] cit[B]y:
         the [A] city greets [Ab] the [E2] sun
         For she [E] [B] 
         and I [A] know what goes [E] on
         And we're [E] wait[B]ing
         [A] waiting til [Ab] we're [E2] one.





        And the [E] ki[B]ng:
        the [A] king has lost [Ab] his [E2] crown
        And the [E] fo[B]ols
        the [A] fools still own [Ab] this [E2] town
        And they're [E] for[B]cing us
        [A] us to come [E] around
        And the Pri[E]nc[B]ess
        the P[A]rincess won't [Ab] live [E2] on.

E     B     A     Ab     E2
E     B     A     Ab     E2 

the chords are.......
E    7  7  9   9
B    7  9  9
A    5  7  7
Ab  4  6  6
E2  0  2  2
F#  2  4  4

some notes on the song.......
     i'm not completely sure if that's how the solo's played.  that's as
close as i could manage.  It's to be played along side the verse, with the
same timing - but instead of just hitting one note,  hit the notes quickly
and repeatedly until the proper progression ensues.  For the song itself, try
to just let your wrist have a field day.  the beat is something like...

E  EE  E  B  BB  B  A  A  AA  Ab  E2

Ab doesn't have to stand on it's own, it's really just a suggested note for a
sudden slide down to E2.

make it fast, and add lots of distortion. 



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