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группа Queen, Табулатура песни She Makes Me

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Табулатура песни: She Makes Me
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Queen: She Makes Me



     who knows...


outtro chords:
she is my love...
Transcribed by Pinter Denes

She Makes Me (stormtrooper in stilettoes) (May)
I love
She makes me
She is my heart
She is my love

I know
I'm jealous of her
She makes me need
She is my love

Who knows who she'll make me
As I lie in her cocoon
And the world will surely heal my ills
I'm warm and terrified
She makes me so

I know the day I leave her
I'll love her still
She is my love
She is my love

She knows where my dreams will end
I'll follow as they grow
But the world will know how long I'll take
And if I'm very slow she makes me so


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