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группа Polka Bastards, Аккорды песни O Captain

Группа: Polka Bastards - другие аккорды (1)
Аккорды песни: O Captain
Просмотров: 1578

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(Steed, Jones, Back)

by The Polka Bastards

This transcription from a live performance, but originally
from their debut album "Fishin' License."

Transcribed by Christopher M. Knuth.

Sent in by Todd Obermiller (Obermiller.1@nd.edu)

Here it is!  I have had many a request for this one, I was surprised to
see the Polka Bastards were not on Olga.  I think this is pretty close I
watched them play it at a recent concert in the Twin Cities.

Chord Voicings
        A       B9      B       C#9     C
e       5       7       7       9       8
B       5       7       7       9       8
G       6       7       8       9       9
D       7       5       9       7       10
A       -       -       -       -       -
E       -       -       -       -       -

The intro is the underlying progession of almost the whole song.

Intro: A,B9,B,C#9,A,B9,B,C#9,C,B,A,C,B,A

  A         B9         B             C#9
O'Captain my captain the ship is going down

  A         B9               B           C#9
O'Captain my captain won't you please turn around

C         B               A
Women and children on the life raft first

   C          B          A
No pushing no shoving, I said children first

  A          B9      B              C#9
O'Captain my captain won't you come aboard

         A            B9      B      C#9
There is nothing that you can do any more

        C            B         A
But the captain just stood and looked over stern

        C           B     A
Whith a look in his eye a look of concern

  A          B9      B              C#9
O'Captain my captain it's your last chance

  A          B9           B        C#9
O'Captain my captain live again to dance

        C     B           A
But the water rose to the captains knee

       C    B           A
As the ship sunk to the bottom of the sea

  A          B9        B       C#9
O'Captain my captain I bid the farewell

  A          B9             B              C#9
O'Captain my captain what a tale they will tell

         C             B         A
With the captains last breath he tipped his hat to me

        C          B            A
That is all of the captain that I'll ever see

  A          B9      B             C#9
O'Captain my captain now turned to bubbles

>From here they go (on the album) into the big jam, but
I don't have time to tab that out now. If I get any
requests, maybe I'll post it later.



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