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группа Penn Michael, Аккорды песни Invisible

Группа: Penn Michael - другие аккорды (7)
Аккорды песни: Invisible
Просмотров: 1243

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#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 1995 15:33:09 -0400
From: bobk@garage.lc.att.com (r.kaphan)

Here's the chords for the by now ancient Michael Penn tune "Invisible"
from his March CD.  I usually sing the melody line with "La"s in the intro.
Feel free to make corrections as needed. 
Complaints, etc. -> bobk@garage.att.com

Intro	A E A E A E

Verse 1 E                      A
	She's there seperating orange from rind

	    C#m   D              A
	And I sit at her station every time

	   C#m                  F#m    B      A
	So whatever happened to common courtesy?

	    C#m              F#m       B         A 
	Now one in a million seems one more than me

	I don't mind just watching her parading for customers

	    F#m                  B  A   E    F#m
	But everybody bayed as I slowly fade

Chorus         A       E    |   (2nd chorus lyric)
	I go invisible      | 	I go invincible
	       A       E    |
	I go invisible 	    |   She went invisible
	       A       E    |
	I go invisible	    |   She looked invisible
	C#m             A   |
	Don't give me away  |   Don't give me away
				 (to bridge)
	E A E A

Verse 2 
	She's there pourin coffee watchin the time
	And I sit half amazed that she's pourin mine
	She said that she always pegged me as gay
	And she only plays for keeps when she plays
	Well isn't that something, you're pullin my heartstrings
	What you gonna do when you slowly fade?

	(2nd chorus)

	(A)             E
Bridge  Don't give me away

	Don't give me away

	B | B | A | A |

	A E A B
	(intro melody)

	       A       E
	I go invisible

	       A       B
	I go invisible

	       A       E
	I go invisible

	       A       B
	I go invisible

	C#m             A
	Don't give me away

	Don't give me away

	Don't give me away

	Don't give me away

	                A  C#m  E
	Don't give me away


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