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группа Penn Michael, Табулатура песни Innocent One

Группа: Penn Michael - другие аккорды (7)
Табулатура песни: Innocent One
Просмотров: 1270

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From: pokey@key.amdahl.com (Todd E. Wayne)
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Subject: Innocent One (Michael Penn)
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Date: 20 Oct 92 21:52:59 GMT
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Well, here's the best response I can think of to:

pnsf01dw@UMASSD.EDU (Dennis J. Wilkinson) writes:
> Subject: Re: Michael Penn transcriptions can be made available
> Post 'em, post 'em, post 'em!!!

Notes: 1) I assume you've heard the song.
       2) No capo - all chords are first position open.
       3) For the C chords during the bridge, use a standard 1st
       position C but play the G on the high E string with the pinky so
       that the voicing moves more like the slide guitar on the album.
       4) I finger the F#7b9 lick at the end of Chorus I like this:
       XX____                         _XOOO_
       |||||| first fret              ||||||
       ------                         ------
       ||1111                   ----> ||||||   wrapping the thumb
       ------                         ------   makes it much easier
       |||2|3 (lift up '3'...)        Tx|||3   to grab the G chord...
       ------                         ------   (x = mute ; O = open)

       5) The G->G/F#->Em and D(sus) stuff is very typical of Penn...

I wish I had time to type in all the lovely twiddles and chord patterns,
but this is the best I can do and still have a job...  If you've heard 
the song, it'll be easy to figure out those details...

	 "Innocent One" by Michael Penn, from the album "March"

Intro (2 bars) G

	   G             D
Verse I:   Sweet Miranda brings me the wine
	   C       Em           C           Em
	   We have had our fill   of almost everything
	   C       Em           D
	   turning thistledown  laughter
	   G                D
	   I would take her blue cue too late
           C       Em              C      Em
	   I would say the words - almost anything
           C       Em               A     Am
	   just to catch what she's after

	       G   D           C         Em
Chorus I:  But you-ou don't believe that I'm
	      Am     Am/G    Dsus4 D
	   a partner in this game
	   Dsus2 D  Em   D     C        Em      Am(sus2)     F#7(b9) G
	   how  can you-ou believe that I'm the innocent one

           G                      D
Verse II:  When the bow broke in pieces we fell
	   C         Em              C      Em
	   we would scream and shout almost anything
	   C        Em          D
	   but the point is we fell dear
	   G                    D
	   There will be no more wishlessness
	   C         Em           C       Em7    Em6
	   there may be some doubt no new day without
	   C         Em          A        Am
	   best that we say farewell here

	       G   D           C         Em
Chorus II: But you-ou don't believe that I'm
	      Am   Am/G   Dsus4  D
	   a party to the pain
	   Dsus2  D  G   D     C         Em      Am(sus2)      C
	   how   can you-ou believe that I'm the innocent one

             D   Dsus2 D    C             D    Dsus2 D   C
Bridge:	   I saw this  girl crying by the wheel of   her car
	               G    G/F#   Em            A               Am
	   she had balloons in the backseat the front door ajar
            D  Dsus2 D   C                D  Dsus2 D   C
	   she ne-   ver moved so I just whispered goodbye
	          G     G/F#  Em           A
	   she reminded me of you when you cry 
	   and I didn't mean to make you cry

Chorus II: (chords only - no vocal)
Verse I:   (chords and vocal)
Chorus I:  (chords and vocal)

	     A rose by any other name... still has thorns.

	  pokey@media-lab.media.mit.edu | pokey@key.amdahl.com


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