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группа Owens Buck, Аккорды песни Close Up The Honky Tonks

Группа: Owens Buck - другие аккорды (7)
Аккорды песни: Close Up The Honky Tonks
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This is a terriffic country tune; covered by the Flying Burrito Brothers
among others.
-------------------cut here---------------------
Close Up The Honky Tonks
Buck Owens

      A                            D
She's in some honky tonk tonight I know
      E                                  A
She's dancing where the music's loud and lights are low
      A                       D
In a crowded bar she likes to hang around
       E                                                 A
And as long as there's a honky tonk, she'll never settle down

   A                         D
So close up the honky tonks, lock all the doors
E                                     A
Don't let the one I love go there any more
      A                            D
Close up the honky tonks, throw away the key
      E                                  A
Then maybe the one I love will come back to me

I wish I had the power to turn back the time
And live again the hours when she was all mine
But it hurts to see her running with that crowd down
And as long as there's a honky tonk, she'll never settle down


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