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группа Osborne Joan, Аккорды песни Lumina

Группа: Osborne Joan - другие аккорды (8)
Аккорды песни: Lumina
Просмотров: 1716

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Artist      : Joan Osborne
Song        : Lumina
Taken from  : Relish (1995)
Written by  : J. Osborne & E. Brazilian
Chorded by  : Wilbert Huigens with help from R. Ceelen (r.ceelen@hsbos.nl)
Corrections : send to : bb_m25@dds.nl


Used chords:

C     x32033
D     xx0232
Em    022000
G     320033


listen to track on cd for rhythm CG passes

repeat: CGCG

[chorus as intro]
Come and wrap around me
Take me through the snow

D          Em     C          G
Eve take a train, Eve took a train
Went to see her man D Em C G Melting inside, melting away CGCG Like butter in the pan [chorus like intro] [verse] Eve took a fruit, Eve bit the fruit Just ran down her chin Babies will put things in their mouths Never heard of sin [chorus like intro] Lumina Open like the sea Lumina Sing me in the dark [verse] Eve had to ask, Eve had to ask What is wrong with this? Here is the place, now is the time Let's invent the kiss [chorus like intro] Come and wrap around me...

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