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группа Oingo Boingo, Аккорды песни Water

Группа: Oingo Boingo - другие аккорды (9)
Аккорды песни: Water
Просмотров: 1671

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From boingo692x@mail.telis.org Fri Apr 18 10:27:52 1997
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 1997 16:35:20 -0700
From: Oh' C 
To: guitar@olga.net
Subject: Tab: Water by Oingo Boingo (Chords Only)

Song: Water
Group: Oingo Boingo
Written by: Danny Elfman
Album: Farewell Halloween 1995 Live from the Universal Amphiatheatre

This is the basic chords to the rythym and full lyrics.  

     Now everybody tells me you're the dog's best friend
     I'm the cat's meow since I don't know when
     I'm an instigator from a dead man's town
     So when did the whole world turn upside down
     When did you change your mind, when did you lose the juice
     Now where'd you get your attitude
     When did you give it away, what did the old man say
     How many babies did you kick today
     How many nights can the full moon shine
     How many bottles of water can you turn to wine
     When the blood has flowed against the tides of time
     And the water flows forever

     Now I'm gonna build a boat, I'm gonna make it float
     'Cause I'm setting the pace for a faraway place
     Gonna set the sail, gonna catch some wind
     And the big red sky's gonna be my only friend 
     With a boat for two, just me and you 
     You can be my teacher, I can teach you too  
     Gonna try a few things that I've never done 
     Maybe talk to the fishes, maybe have some fun
     Maybe shake my pale fist at the angry stars 
     While I dance a jig under the eyes of Mars 
     When we get to an island were the walls have a bend 
     We can get down and dirty in our animal skins 
     And I'll stand with my thing hanging out in the wind 
     Where the water's sweet like honey 


     I've been feeling a chill from the east wind blew 
     It's been creeping up slow, have you felt it too?
     Did you notice the look? Have you felt the feel? 
     Did it make you blush when the piggy squealed 
     Have you heard what they say, did you read the news 
     Said old man's coming home a-singin' them blues
     Gonna whack your fanny, gona tan you hide 
     Make your ears turn red, make you run and cry 

     How many children gonna lose their minds 
     How many crying ghosts will be left behind 
     When the dead start walking and the full moon shines... 

     Now everybody scream to the heavens above 
     And everybody dance to the sounds of love 
     Won't you clack your teeth, won't you smack your hands 
     Won't you dig your little heads right out of the sand 
     Won't you jiggle your butt, won't you wave your arms 
     Won't you look like you just came off of the farm
     Won't you stop your fighting for a second or two 
     Won't you help your neighbor, won't you do your due 
     Won't you taste the sugar, won't you eat that cake 
     Won't you get your ugly mug right out of my face 
     Won't you tell your brothers and your sisters tonight, 
     That you tasted the water and the water was right 
     Wont you taste the sugar, won't you dance the dance 
     Won't you wake up please, come on out of your trance 

     Everybody make believe that you've  disappeared,
     for a second or two,  Gonna feel so queer,
     and you left behind all your rage and fear 

     And it made you feel like water


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