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группа Ocean Colour Scene, Аккорды песни Travellers Tune

Группа: Ocean Colour Scene - другие аккорды (38)
Аккорды песни: Travellers Tune
Просмотров: 1954

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From: Paul Law 
Date: Sat, 04 Apr 1998 11:11:07 +0500
Subject: CRD: Travellers Tune - by - Ocean Colour Scene 

Song: Travellers Tune
By: Ocean Colour Scene
Transcribed by: Nick Law (plaw@enterprise.net)

Hey all - These are the chords to Travllers Tune on the Marchin' Already
album. There are two versons of this song. One was from THE DAY WE CAUGHT THE
TRAIN (Acoustic) single, and this one which features PP Arnold. This verson is
much better though. If anyone went to see them on the tour Marchin' Already,
mail me sometime to chat about OCS.

Chords Used:
G     (320033)
G2    (355422)
Gsus4 (330033) - This chord is played on the piano (listen to the song to
C     (x32010)
csus4 (x33011) - This chord is played on the piano (listen to the song to
F     (133211)
F#    (244322)
Em    (022000)
D     (xx0232)

Intro: (piano) G | G Gsus4 G Gsus4 | G Gsus4 G Gsus4 |

Verse 1:
G                                   F
Where did you go - buttoned in your favorite coat
                  C                                     G
Steppin' out to a differnet world - and I might be home late
              G                      F
Where are you now - stairing at your favorite box
                 C                                         G
The one with the travellers cross - on the road passed the gate

                         F                                    C               
But if you find yourself standing on the corner whilst you're thinking of a
differnet world
                      F                              C                        
Then you might see me waiting on the corner stairing through you in your
different world 

Verse 2:
And if I could swim - I'd go out and find my boat
Sail away to my favorite coast - and let you all in
And if I could do - all the things your asking for
Then maybe I'd find your door - and bring it home to you


Guitar solo: (Chords as verse)


Verse 3:
               G                          F
So where do we go - like two Christophers in the snow
                C                           G  
Yeah, am I only one to know - just to say I love you
               G2                                            G2 -
And all of our lives - we'll sail through the suns and moons
F#   F  Em   D   C                              G     
Just to sing our travellers tune - and to say I love you

Chorus: (Play twice)

Chords as chorus end end on F

I hope this has helpped you. In verse 3 - it might not sound right but believe
me it is. I'll post the TAB for the song some other time so if you wanna chat
about OCS or anything - mail me at:

plaw@enterprise.net   (My name is NICK) 


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