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группа Ocean Colour Scene, Аккорды песни Hundred Mile High City

Группа: Ocean Colour Scene - другие аккорды (38)
Аккорды песни: Hundred Mile High City
Просмотров: 1943

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From: "Oscar" 
Subject: o/ocean_colour_scene/hundred_mile_high_city.crd
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 19:54:07 +0200

Song: Hundred Mile High City
Performed by: Ocean Colour Scene
Transcribed by: Madeley (rewire@globalnet.co.uk)
The chords in the song are right, but I had to be creative 
with the tabbed bits (i.e. I made them up as I went along)
The lyrics are a bit dodgy too.
Chords used:
A x02220
C x32010
D xx0232
E 022100
G 320003

D--2-[play this lots until..]--------------
e------------------------------------------ B------------------------------------------ G--------0-----------3-----------2--3--4--- D--2--2-----2--2--2-----2--2--2------------ A------------------------------------------ E------------------------------------------ e-19-[x19]------- B---------------- G---------------- D---------------- A---------------- E---------------- e--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--3--3--3--2--2--2--- B------------------------------------------ G------------------------------------------ D------------------------------------------ A------------------------------------------ E------------------------------------------ [x4] e----------------------------------------- B----------------------------------------- G--5--5--5--4--4--4--7--7--7--6--6--6--6-- D----------------------------------------- A----------------------------------------- E----------------------------------------- [x3] e--------------------19~------------------ B----------------------------------------- G--5--5--5--4--4--4----------------------- D----------------------------------------- A----------------------------------------- E----------------------------------------- e--12--12--12--10--10--10--9--9--9--7--7--7--0 B--------------------------------------------- G--------------------------------------------- D--------------------------------------------- A--------------------------------------------- E--------------------------------------------- [Drum bit then:] e--5~------------- B----------------- G----------------- D----------------- A----------------- E----------------- e--5--5--5--3--0-----------------0 B-----------------4--3--3-----3--- G--------------------------5------ D--------------------------------- A--------------------------------- E--------------------------------- [Play a few times before:] e--5--5p3p0--5p3p0--5p3p0--5----5--5 B----------------------------------- G----------------------------------- D----------------------------------- A----------------------------------- E----------------------------------- [Play a few times]
E G D E So I said, I'm on a roll, so I need a car And I know that I'm staying alive And I say I've got faith in a season G D C And I say, it's where I'm going to C G D A I get a need and I want you to please it I got a face and I want you to see it The more I see is the more that I need it C G E The more I need is the less I believe it E G D E Well I want a good love on my side Keep on getting my love and my pride But I know I keep hurting my love, yeah E G D C And I know they ain't killing
E G D E So I said, I'm on a roll, so I need a car And I know that I'm staying alive And I say I've got faith in a season E G E I know it's where I'm living in [x2]

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