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группа Obrien Richard, Табулатура песни Once In A While

Группа: Obrien Richard - другие аккорды (1)
Табулатура песни: Once In A While
Просмотров: 2147

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Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 02:08:05 +0000
Subject: TAB : "Once In A While" from Rocky Horror

                            ONCE IN A WHILE

                 Music and Lyrics : Richard O'Brien (1974)
        Taken from the 1990 cast recording of "The Rocky Horror Show"
               Transcribed by : Phil Callan (pjc6@aber.ac.uk)

**I know that this isn't a particularly famous track, but I like it!
Besides, people had already tabbed all the other good ones! These chords
are taken from the 1990 cast recording version, so the key may be wrong for
the version you're used to. Listen to the song for the rhythm of the

Intro : G   (until you're ready.)

Once in a while,

She don't want to    call you,

D                     G
  Speaking on the telephone,

And once in your life,

She won't want to    know you,

Bm                   C
    You look around, the one you found,

And she is gone.

N.C                    G
    And that's all the time,

That it takes,

D                          G
    For a heart to turn to stone,

The sweeter the wine,

The harder to    make the break,

Bm                    C
   You hear something   about someone

You thought you'd known

N.C.                G    
      So baby don't cry,

Like there's no tomorrow,

D                                      G
   After the night there's a brand new day,

And there'll be no pain,

And no more sorrow,

   So wash your face,

   And call my place,

   It'll be OK,

(you get the idea of the chord sequence)

And that's all the time,
That it takes,
For a heart to beat again,
So give me a sign,
That a lover makes,
You look around, the one you've found

        D                   C
Is back again     (is back again)

        D                   C
Is back again     (is back again)

        D                   C
Is back again     (is back again)

(*single strums here*)
C  Am   C   G
Is back a---gain.....


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