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группа Nine Inch Nails, Табулатура песни Suck

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Табулатура песни: Suck
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From: Burning.Inside@f929.n273.z1.fidonet.org (Burning Inside)
Date: 25 Dec 95 01:09:47 -0500
Subject: TAB:"Suck" by Nine Inch Nails

"Suck"          by Nine Inch Nails
                from the EP "Broken"
                words and music by Trent Reznor, Paul Barker, Martin Atkins,
                        and Bill Rieflin
                tabbed by Tom Mallon
Main Bass Riff
G |-----------------------|
D |.------0--1-----------.|
A |.---------------------.|
E |---0----------0---0h3--|
Verse Riff (This is really a synth, going from D to E. I play it like this,
            it sounds really close and you don't have to tune down.)
E --------
B --------
G --------
D --0h2---
A --0h2---
E --0-----
Chorus Guitar Riff
E -----------------------------------------------
B -----------------------------------------------
G -9--7--10--7--------7-----9--7---------3-------
D -9--7--10--7--7--9--7-----9--7--7--5---3---5---
A -7--5--8---5--7--9--5-----7--5--7--5---1---5---
E --------------5--7--------------5--3-------3---
E -----------------------------------------------
B -----------------------------------------------
G -9--7--10--7--------7-----9--7-----------------
D -9--7--10--7--7--9--7-----9--7--7------5--5--5-
A -7--5--8---5--7--9--5-----7--5--7------5--5--5-
E --------------5--7--------------5------3--3--3-
Bridge Bass Riff
G |----------------------------------------|
D |.--------------2---------3-------------.|
A |.--------------------------------------.|
E |--0-0-0-0-0-0-----3-3-3-----4-4-4--5-6--|
Synth/Guitar Line in Final Chorus (3:20)
E --------------------------------------------------------------------------
B --------------------------------------------------------------------------
G ---------------------------------------4^---------------------------------
D --8-\-7----7-\-5-----8-\-7----8--7--5----------5--------------------------
A --------------------------------------------7-----------------------------
E --------------------------------------------------------------------------


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